Our Story

Cretan “Desja” Reborn

As a young girl visiting Crete, Olga Psaromanolakis, the designer of Ops Hancrafted, remembers being given a beautifully hand woven bag as a gift. The women in her village meticulously create these bags using a traditional technique called “desja” (pronounced “des-ya”). This “modern Cretan macrame” as she describes it, was a paramount element of her childhood memories and thus, her creative nature managed to turn these memories into the brand “Ops Handcrafted”.

“Ops Handcrafted” fashion accessories and clothes are the aftereffect of an unaltered tradition which began to fade but has now reclaimed its place in today’s fashion industry. Every design is given a unique identity by labelling each with an ancient Greek name. The women crochet each item with “meraki”*. The contemporary designs are composed of cotton, wool or silk cord as its structural element and complimented with genuine leather, textile and chain. Therefore, each “Ops Handcrafted” product is not merely a timelessly stylish and practical fashion item but also a mystical journey through time.

“Ops Handcrafted” is a Greek brand through and through, keeping alive a nearly lost tradition. The brainstorming and creation of the brand name “Ops Handcrafted” itself comes from her full name, Olga Psaromanolakis. Suggesting that as she evolves and feeds her hunger to push her creative boundaries, so too will the brand continue to flourish.

* meraki: to do something with soul, creativity and love; when you leave a piece of yourself on your work.